In her recent article in The Herald, Tendai Manzvanzvike reviews a spiritual book Entering into a New a Season of Holiness, Massive Breakthroughs, Fruitfulness by Francisca Zinyemba. An executive director with Standard Chartered Bank in Harare, Francisca

Francisca Zinyemba.

Zinyemba proffers answers on deep questions of life: how to handle life’s storms, predicaments and difficult circumstances. Francisca is married to Flavian Zinyemba, president of Christian Organisation Support Ministry (COSM) and an elder with the Apostolic Faith Mission Zimbabwe. She is also founder and director of Zimbabwe Prayer Network and at the time of publication, the network was in more than 26 towns. The couple constructed an interdenominational prayer and conference centre with their family resources.

Although the book was published in 2009, I think it is important for readers to keep track of the writings by Zimbabweans who stand at the crossroads of business and faith. And Tendai Manzvanzvike’s review makes sure that publications of this kind do not get overlooked.