Patrick Kabwela argues in a Bulawayo 24 article that, despite the intense hatred expressed by some towards Nigerian prophet TB Joshua, many people across Africa talk with such rapture about him that you would think they couldn’t live without him.  Zimbabwe is no exception.

President Mills of Ghana acknowledged the authenticity of this prophet – that was why he humbled himself and visited him for prayer before his election to the highest seat in 2008. Because he saw TB Joshua as a man of God, he simply listened to advice and instruction and emerged victorious.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangarai had got to a point of desperation where he realised that he needed divine intervention and guidance for the arduous task ahead. He has visited TB Joshua several times for prayer and advice.  Cuthbert Dube, president of ZIFA, found himself on a wheelchair before he realised that he needed prayer from a God-sent for his life. After praying he decided to go to the Synagogue Church of all Nations and visit TB Joshua for a healing prayer. He came back walking, his wheelchair condemned to a state of disuse.