What we sought to do through the series on the 7 Pillars of Society was to lay the foundation, and give context to our approach on national issues pertinent for the well-being of Zimbabwe.

It is becoming apparent that the fault lines that polarised Zimbabweans to the 2008 climax are emerging, and they should be addressed.

If there is an agreed destiny that Zimbabwe must move into, there equally must be an agreed strategy to that destiny.

Yet it remains to be seen whether there is a common destiny that can be accurately formulated by the present generation, or generations to come, to unlock the jewel that Zimbabwe is.

One of the ways to get Zimbabwe going entails identifying what God’s agenda for the nation is, within the scope of our unique circumstances. To this can be formulated policies specifically intended to realise that agenda.

The challenge lies in men’s agenda being exalted above that of God.

At an overall and general level, God’s agenda for any people is that they secure a sustainable means of existence. In other words, the evolvement of humankind over the course of history points out to one common incremental aspiration, namely, the securement of a sustainable means of and meaningful purpose for existence for an improved quality of and fulfilled life.

This is the philosophy of human life and existence.

From this articulated perspective of the human aspiration over the ages, fulfillment thereof can sustainably happen within a framework anchored on and underpinned by 4 cardinal principles, namely, Righteousness, Justice, Truth, and, Love.

More on God’s Agenda for Zimbabwe in the upcoming representations.