Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

In his booklet titled Marine Spirits, Mweya yemumvura: Teachings by Prophet W. Magaya, excerpts of which are broadcasted on his Yadah TV channel and featured in three consecutive issues of the Sunday Mail, the popular preacher claimed that Vapositori, as they are popularly known, are derived from spirits that reside in the marine kingdom and that they do not believe in the Bible.

I would like to dispute those claims by proving with this article that the prophet was lying through his holy teeth. One does not know whether Prophet W. Magaya sat down with his peers and passed the booklet about marine spirits and Vapositori to be the irrefutable truth or he just woke up and wrote it without consultation.

If he wrote it representing all Bible believing churches, it is a shame. If he wrote it representing PHD it is tragic. One cannot imagine the ramifications of his actions to his church after this article successfully proves him a fraud. He has exposed himself as deceitful without anybody asking or helping for that matter. This reminds one of a story from the bible of someone who hated the Jews and wanted to have them killed. Therefore, he built this hanging thing and went to the king to ask for permission to murder the Jews and it turns out that the Queen was Jew! The person ended up hanged instead on the very thing he had built for the Jews! Ironic is not it. Yes, this is another Mordecai story. Now here we are and Prophet Magaya has gone and wrote an item demonising Vapositori but after this piece of writing is done let us see who will be having his neck around a noose.

2 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 14 says, “Do not be equally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” It does not say, “Darkness cannot push away another form of darkness neither can light and darkness stay together”, as claimed by Prophet W. Magaya in the excerpts of his sermon on Vapostori are demonic. The part “…darkness cannot push away another form of darkness,” is not of that verse but the part “… neither can light and darkness stay together,” belongs. Prophet W. Magaya clearly failed to interpret the verse from the book he professes to know.

A true prophet of God would not fail to interpret passages of the bible, because the Holy Spirit in him helps him to deduce it. It is impossible especially in the light that the Holy Spirit does not forget, is ever sharp and never lies. So why is he saying, “Vapostori are demonic?”  Because they do not read the bible, well, with a howler like that one may ask, does he either or he just glance through it?  Darkness can push away another form of darkness. A demon can remove another demon because whichever way one might then look at it, the difference will remain the same.

There is no rule of law in the kingdom of darkness. It is clear that Prophet Magaya did not know what he was talking about judging by the confusion viewpoint contains. Is it because he was blinded by hate and the eagerness to demonise Vapositori overtook reasoning here. The unclean spirit called legion cast out by Jesus into the swine was not a marine spirit. There is no mention of that anywhere near that story and surely it did not say, ‘ send us to the sea, ‘rather” send us to the pigs,” instead. The swine ran into the sea and drowned, that was the end of the pigs and the unclean spirit.

Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).

Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).

If prophet Magaya is saying Vapostori are of the marine spirits he is implying that kumasowe is where one finds psychiatrists, occultists, scientists and technical engineers who work tirelessly in labs designing satanic stuff. Nevertheless, has anyone ever heard of a Madzibaba who designed a bomb or any weapon?

Prophet Magaya says that those who are possessed by marine spirits are fashion crazy. They are the designers of the sexy, the stylish, shiny and seductive things. The deodorants, the musk and all that stuff that encourage people to get naked. They also infect evil in us via computer games, powerful musical lyrics, movies and all that entertainment that makes a person feel like sinning a lot meaning, all the hits are evil, so there goes your favourite song!

All these things Vapositori havabvumidzwe. A true prophet brings God’s Word to the people and God’s Word alone for that is his sole purpose, not to distract congregates with secular music. Therefore, why a prophet of the Lord need to entertain congregants with wicked vibes boggles ones’ mind especially armed with the knowledge that it poisons the soul. Aren’t he supposed to be getting rid of the stuff, Holy Ghost firing it to hell?

I think he should instead he is being generous to it by providing a platform for it to further sink its influence deep into the soul of the congregation. So the million dollar question is why indulge a spirit one is supposed to eliminate? Prophet Magaya is literally cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for these marine spirits kumasowe all they get served is Pugartory. So who is demonic here? Who is feeding what these unclean spirits want?

Thousands members of Apostolic Sect at Mafararikwa Shrine in Marange. (photo:M.Chibaya).

Thousands members of Apostolic Sect at Mafararikwa Shrine in Marange. (photo:M.Chibaya).

No demon leaves its host while the person it possesses is doing what it desires. Dhimoni rechipfambi hariende kana munhu anaro achichiva nekupomba. Kuchurch kunofanira kutobhowa nokuti mweya yetsvina yatiinayo haidi kunamata.. Zvinotikonzeresa kuti titadze hazvidi kutandara naKristu saka zvino manje kuchurch kuya kana kwavanedhindindi, Kristu anotama nokuti mafaro enyika naKristu zvakapesana.

He also said that they love to partying, but I have never seen mapositori throwing parties. In His house God wants you to give Him his undivided attention kwete kuti muparidzi arikuparidza mumwe munhu ari kungoti nechemumoya dai Tocky adzoka futi arove kaye kanodzi ‘Mhai’ handina kunyatsokafeela mushe. Achanzwa here shoko raMwari munhu iyeye? Kwete. Marine spirits of powerful musical lyrics anenge ave kutomushanda. Zvimwe zvinhu mungangozvifunga henyu like good idea but zvinenge zvakatoshata. Tevedzerai bhaibheri renyu vakomana.

So church is supposed to be boring. The moment you start having fun is the moment it stops being church. What does the spirit gain from worldly music? Absolutely nothing. Idol worshipping ndoo yamunenge mavekutoita nokuti muimba maMwari ndemezvamwari kwete nezzvekubhawa. So if kumasowe were of the marines why are Vapositori not inviting artistes like Jay Z and Beyonce since it is what they love? Look what you have become. Kuenda kuchurch kunonzwa Tocky. Have you ever wondered why it sounds like such a good idea? Nokuti the unclean spirit of the marine resides in you; you do not see anything wrong with a little ass shaking in the church. Murikuunza vanhu kubhawa panekuvaunza kuna Kristu. That is why people throng kwaMagaya; it is not church, kuconcert. Kudisco. Kudhindhindhi.

In the bible, there is nothing about the queen of the Indian Ocean or the queen of the coast so where did prophet Magaya get hold of such out of the bible intelligence? From the Vapostori, I guess since they are the non-bible believing and non bible-reading people around. Or he has been to the Indian Ocean floor and actually seen this monster, queen of the Indian Ocean maybe? He does seem to be well versed in these marine spirits to me. Or maybe it is because he plagiarised the whole thing?

Magaya did not write that booklet of his, he copied it from the net! Whole paragraphs except the part about masowe he got from former mapositori. He plagiarised everybody who wrote stuff about marine spirits and inserted his Vapostori argument somewhere in the middle for a little bit of controversy.

Members of the Vapostori worshiping at a shrine in Harare ( photo: M. Chibaya)

Members of the Vapostori worshiping at a shrine in Harare ( photo: M. Chibaya)

It was no revelation it was more like the leviathan spirit doing what it does best: deception. What I know is that muporofita waMwari anoteererwa kana ari pangoni chete. Kana ave kunzeuko kwete nokuti anenge asisisna zivo remweya. The person simply cut and pasted other people’s work and passed it as his own. What can you say about that? Go on the net now and Google about marine spirits and see what I mean. I do not hate the person. I am just revealing the truth about the matter.

All those who want to open their mouths for the prophet can do so freely I do not care because after this revelation he is finished. I thought I was going to destroy his ministry but by the look of things, he has done a pretty good job by himself.

Prophets do not need to go on plagiarise other people’s work in an effort to convert the masses. No! There is plenty of that from God and there is no need to go on copying sources of unknown origins and pass it as Holy Writ. No! That is in the least is wrong. That is the path taken by false prophets because they are not hearers of the heavens. That is why they go on search the internet for sermons. Things to preach about but in the end we get lies, lies and more lies.

It’s funny you know, in his sermon he said, “Vapostori uses makate full of water, water lilies and water pebbles so they are of the njuzu spirit yet he shower every day, he cooks  using water every day and the doctors say we are seventy percent water everyday so what is he?

Most of his followers wear nothing but sexy, what are they? He also said, “mapostori anoenda kumakomo, mapako, ocean beaches and lakes where they come back prophesising” but he is near Mukuvisi, which is what all I see.

Who knows maybe he takes dip before sermons? About legion, please the swine drowned in the sea and perished. Marine spirits do not die in the sea! It is their home. They thrive in the sea and without a host, on land is where they die. He went on to say that, when people pamasowe would be spiritually under water right. He did not say physically, right. Then he goes on to say that, people are not permitted to run pamasowe because people cannot run underwater! Now here is a problem I see; by saying Vapositori will be spiritually underwater and afterwards saying they are not allowed to run because they will be underwater means that Vapositori will be physically and spiritually underwater, which is absurd, silly and lame since it is all white mumapani every Friday!

One can also take the lie from this equally crushing approach. People are forbidden to run pamasowe, which means people are able to run pamasowe because one cannot forbid someone something they cannot do! One cannot forbid someone from transforming into an apple because people do not transform into apples. It is impossible. Underwater you cannot run whether it is permitted or not. So there is no need for someone getting fussy over someone trying to do what is impossible.

‘Pagwanza’ does not mean crater/pit or hole. It is clear that the synonyms’ of the word ‘gap’ were used out of context here. They foolishly reasoned that since ‘gwanza’ means ‘gap’ and one of ‘gap’ synonyms is ‘hole’ and ‘hole’ synonyms are ‘pit’ and ‘crater’ then ‘gwanza’ means ‘crater/pit/hole. After such

Grade zero way of thinking they came to support their argument on that surmise ignoring a whole lot of logic and common sense.

Prophet Magaya is the one preaching the money; the one wearing the serpent skin shirt, the one smelling nice and dressing sexy, the one buying boutiques for Bev, the one with the expensive wristwatches, the one with a house full of goods from under the sea and the one counting all these poor people’s money at the end of every Sunday.

He fits the profile of a mariner as if he is the profile! One other thing about marine spirits is that they love is to party and Magaya knows this and that is why the entertainment at PHD. Why Tocky, Sulu or Macheso yet they have a church choir? Hosanna not good enough now all of a sudden?  Next thing a bar. Moreover, after that, a brothel!

Everything he described about marine spirits is more consistent with him and his PHD than masowe. He did say ‘the lower ranks take the same form or different profiles of a dragon or serpent’ right.

Thank you prophet magaya for stating that marine spirits are associated with the bling like shoes, socks, jewellery, mobile phones, money…  thank you indeed since you go on to say one is told to remove such items before entering the shrine. Ehe njuzu dziriko asi kumasowe is the last place they can ever want to call home nokuti hakuna chadzinofarira since there is nothing-fashionable kumasowe so marine spirits actually distance themselves from masowe.

Some do come but at their own peril. Some even try to run but they are soon found out and chased away. Some unclean spirits try to be clever like that but ending up being the dummies still. The marine spirit of the makes the females love to do their hair. Kumasowe tinogera bvudzi.

The marine spirit loves miniskirts and tight clothes.  Kumasowe kune magubvuru. The marine spirit likes to make up. Kumasowe hakuna izvozvo. The marine spirit owns the boutiques and the saloons. Kumasowe we own the barbershops. the fabric shop owners smile every time they see our faces because they know what we buy when we enter their stores, nguwo chena, and a lot of it. I am not saying kuti hakuna mapositori anopinda maGreatermans. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with temptation and go out of bounds.

However, only the Holy Spirit permitted to declare that so and so is demonic because they have the permission to do so from the highest authority and since it has become apparent that Prophet Magaya was not filled with the Holy Spirit when he wrote his booklet, he had no to claim that Vapostori are demonic.

‘Blessed are those who read the “anti-marriage Spirits” booklet. I would say, ‘cheated are those … ‘