Several weeks back we published a story about a second accident involving the Nehanda tree in Harare. One of our readers Dudu Masaiti had a lot to say in reaction to the story by our contributor Nonku Vundla. Below we republish the comment in its entirety.

Nonkululeko Vundla, I very much forgive you for your opinion which I must also respect. Three weeks ago I wrote my freedom of expression titled “Mbuya Nehanda the prophet of Satan”.

I do not want to go back into detail but I would beg you to go to Karanga areas in Midlands and Mashonaland and ask elders there how many relatives they buried between 1975 and 1980?

Also ask them whose spirit the killers of the Karanga during this period were led by?

Go to Gweru, Kwekwe, Nkayi, Gokwe and the entire Matebeleland and ask the villagers there whose spirit Gukurahundi was led by in killing 20, 000 Zimbabweans?

Now you mentioned David Livingstone and said that we value his stature more than that of Nehanda, give me one example of one Zimbabwean who was killed because of the Missionary work of Livingstone? Livingstone is not Rhodes and Livingstone taught the gospel that respects human life.

We value Livingstone more than Nehanda because David Livingstone taught the ten commandments which say do not kill. The disciples of Livingstone in Zimbabwe today still teach us not to kill. David Livingstone did not order the killing of a single human being in life and thus how we remember him.

Mbuya Nehanda ordered the killing of a White intruder and I do not blame her but I want to expose her character in life as it is in death.

When the White Intruder avenged by hanging her for the sin she had committed, Mbuya neHanda swore that her bones would arise and avenge not to the White intruder but to Dudu Masaiti. Thus why she is a stupid ignorant witch on whose name I spit. I am a witness to people who were killed by Zezuru speaking Zanla fighters who claimed to be led by that Zezuru Satanic Nehanda witch. They were burnt by plastic all night and decapideted in the morning while we were made to sing “Mbuya Nehanda kufa vachishereketa shuwa kuti tondotora sei nyika, shoko rimwe ravakatiudza tora gidi uzvitonge”.

17, 000 Karanga died in the hands of the Zezuru during that period and 20, 000 Ndebele people were killed after 1980 and your Vundla Ndebele surname will never be allowed to rule Zimbabwe because Mbuya Nehanda told the Zezuru like that.

Welshman Ncube can never be allowed to be part of the ruling principals of Zimbabwe even when democratic interpretation dictates so. This is all because Mbuya Nehanda’s bones would lead the Zezuru to kill again if a Ndebele rules Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai can never rule Zimbabwe and you will see, this is because Tsvangirai is a Karanga and since Mbuya Nehanda ordered the Killing of 17, 000 Karangas and 20, 000 Ndebeles then how can Tsvangirai the Karanga rule without provoking the dead Zezuru evil?

Zanla only killed about six hundred Whites during the war and 17, 000 Karangas but the Karangas never Colonised Zimbabwe no did they kill any ugly Witch called Nehanda. What is your answer to that?

Now you want to persuade victims of Nehanda’s evil spirit to worship a killer who killed in life and even more in death. Her foolish judgement is amazing since every time she orders the death of any person, she would choose and innocent man and leave the guilty. Example, Rhodes Colonised Zimbabwe in 1888 but Nehanda ordered the killing of Pollard who was acting on orders.

The Karanga and Ndebele had to die on revengetive orders of Nehanda for the sins Whites?

So please man, give me some wise reasons why I should respect a demon whose killing influence I do not know when it will end?

In 1980, foreigners from all over the World were competing to get a lifetime opportunity to find a Job in a wonderful and rich Zimbabwe. What does your stock taking tell you to day after 32 years of Mbuya Nehanda rulership when Zimbabwe is the Worlds’ number one country in exporting dehydrated stinking poor refugees?

I do not blame you Vundla, if at all you are. You were fed with Zanu PF Zezuru propaganda machinery from primary school. If you do not have the talent to acquire independent and true information, you will keep Mugabe’s lecture that Zimbabwe is now better than it was in 1975.

I was born in Rhodesia and I fought the Rhodesians as a young boy and I know that Rhodesia was much better than Zimbabwe.

If only the Whites had not practiced segregation, I would have preferred to be ruled by them in Rhodesia where roads, Jobs, Rail, technology, education, health, economy, currency, development, law, mines, trade, farming and food, were all synchronized to uplift both slave and master of my beautiful country.

Zimbabwe has produced potholes, refugees, frightened citizens, a police state, ultra rich Zanu crooks. Zanu has given us a decay in rail, air, currency, economy, technology, farming, mines, law, trade, food, and economy.

Which side would you rather be?

I will never forgive Mbuya Nehanda, expect more death from that Satanic tree as well as from her desciples especially towards elections. Mbuya Nehanda ordered the Zezuru to supply her with 900 liters of blood every year from innocent Zimbabweans and you Vundla and me Masaiti are candidates because we are not Zezuru.