Christian women have been inspired to aspire leadership positions in a book by Jaqcui Ndongwe.

Her scintillating Christian book, Mother, the Destiny Connector, makes a unique approach in inspiring her protégées towards self-belief through the use of biblical teachings.

Jacqui Ndongwe argues that, “Mothers have become known to be dependable leaders. Their strategy is fearless and their tact in executing tasks supple.”

In the book Ndongwe argues that women are good strategists. I quote, “You will hardly hear a mother giving away her strategy carelessly.” She gives an analogy of the leadership qualities that were vested in Deborah, one of the female judges in the Bible who made a difference in Israel. Deborah used her leadership prowess through being a mother, wife, prophetess and a judge. She led a war that made Israel free from her enemy.

The author is a single mother whose bias is towards women. Speaking to, Ndongwe said that single women should be independent and believe in themselves. “Women can do without a man up to a certain stage in life. They should believe in themselves because of the great resilience and hard work that they possess. This can be achieved through positive self-talk and self-development that is investing in the future.”

She added that women should however submit to their husbands. 

The new book heralds a woman’s position, responsibility of connecting the children to their destiny, in the face of various challenges. The author uses the biblical examples to inspire mothers to show how they can align their children’s destinies according to God’s plan. The book also encourages mothers to be aware of their children’s challenges, hence assisting them accordingly.

 As a skills developer and executive director at Dynamic Skills Foundation, Jacqui Ndongwe has dedicated her time to developing materials for improving the lives of women through literature. 

Ndongwe studied at the University of Zimbabwe. 

Published in 2011, Mother, the Destiny Connector is set to inspire women to think about living a legacy for the next generation.