Up-and-coming gospel artist Painos Jaravaza says gospel music is a calling not a hobby. The musician and youth leader with the Apostolic Faith Mission has been riding high with the success of his latest album “Nyasha DzaMwari.”

Jaravaza believes one does not decide to sing gospel simply because he or she is vocally talented.

“Christians should have a calling before singing gospel music as it is a way of ministering. It is a concept that sees the Lord using a person to influence the lives of his children.

“Listeners should not only be entertained but ministered through music. However, it defies the whole purpose if the person is simply singing because he or she has a beautiful voice,” he said.

Jaravaza has successfully invaded the musical charts on three of the country’s radio stations. His song, “Makomborero”, has topped Radio Zimbabwe’s Gumi Dzinopisa, Star FM’s Top 20 and Power FM’s Breakfast Inspiration together with “Mufaro Chete”.

It is no surprise that the second album has registered more success than his 2003 debut project “Dzokai Vanhu Vangu” as he took time to come up with a good product on his second album.

The album consists of joyous and low tempo prayerful songs.

“Nyasha Dza Mwari”, which is a follow-up to his debut album, has a mixture of songs that will drive people into a dancing mood and the rest set you into a prayer mood.

“Many may recognise songs like ‘We Bless Your Name,’ because they are everyday songs that are sung in churches. The others are songs that I have written based on my experiences and the trials I have gone through in my life,” said Jaravaza.

Jaravaza dished out success tips to aspiring gospel artistes.

“Gospel music has evolved over the years and unlike in the past, it now ministers to non- church goers too.

“Up-and-coming artists only need to be patient in order to sustain the upward trend. They ought to take time and engage professionals in making music. If they do not have the sufficient financial backing it is better to do demos only to avoid producing half-baked albums,” he said.