Veteran gospel musician Charles Charamba believes Bulawayo music industry — that is experiencing hardships — shall one day rise. That’s if the people in Southern Zimbabwe take his advice.

Over the years Bulawayo-based gospel music has failed to rise above the shores due to various reasons. Chief among them: lack of resources and poor airplay. But Charamba who had one of his best shows in the city ever during the weekend is concerned a lot.

He believes that if the people work with local musicians nothing is impossible. During the show Charamba was forced to silence the strumming instruments to passionately appeal to over a thousand fans who had packed the auditorium to rally behind their own.

“Please I appeal to you for support. You should rally behind local musicians. They need you as much as possible. Without you they can’t be anything,” said Charamba to a positive response from the crowd.

The Harare-based musician, who shared the stage with two Bulawayo-based up-and-coming gospel musicians — Pastor Joyce and Mai Mangwiro, — said it was part of his new plan to seriously give local musicians a voice through such platforms.

“It is in our wish to work with local musicians. But we want to encourage them on the issues of persistence and determination. It’s a fact that we have a lot of talent here in Bulawayo and that talent
should not just be left to worst,” Charamba said.

The “Nyika ye Zimbabwe” hit maker has singled out afro jazz musician Jeys Marabini. He urged local musicians to take a cue from Marabini. “If all artists were to be like Jeys Marabini, I tell you, Bulawayo
could not be what it is today musically. They really need to be resolute like he is. Honestly, if you were to be asked to list Zimbabwean musicians you can’t leave Jeys out of that. It’s not about the place where one is based but about the confidence, desire to be outstanding and bravery to achieve what you want and be what you want,” he stressed.

Charamba said if such veteran musicians like the late Solomon Skuza and self-exiled Lovemore Majaivana did it with their natural talents who then can stop the emerging crop of musicians to build their empires through song and dance.

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