Linda Swiza recently reviewed Donna Chibaya Tagara’s new 11-track gospel album entitled “Tomorrow About This Time.” The album has messages of hope, victory, deliverance and the Holy Spirit. In this album, the singer’s powerful clear voice is in perfect form as it blends with the instruments.

Cutting across all age groups, the lyrics reveal and teach the doctrine of Jesus. While there are English songs on the album, Donna also sings in her native Shona. In the song “Ndiyani”, there is the acknowledgement of the Lord as the author and finisher of our faith—just as he did with Lazarus, he is able to raise the dead as well as comfort and provide for us.  In “Zvinogoneka”, all things are possible with God and people should never despair no matter what the circumstances.

Munoyera is about the holiness of the Lord and in Gonamombe Ramafuta there is a cry for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You can dance to Praise Mix, which has fast rhythms and is simply a worship track.  Aptly named, the Worship Medley similarly pays homage to God and his amazing grace.

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Donna and her husband Bishop Hosiah Tagara were recently in Botswana as part of a five-day crusade filled with miracles and teachings of the word of God. The couple lead a Pentecostal ministry called Beam of Hope Ministry based in Gweru. In an earlier interview, Donna described it as a church that teaches and respects the truth of the Word of God and said that she is honoured to sing for the Lord. “I have seen God touching His people through my music, when I stand up to sing, the place is honoured by His presence.” She also described her latest album Tomorrow about this time as filled with songs of the Holy Spirit. “I know it will heal, and encourage people who will want to worship as they listen to the music.”

Altogether Donna has produced four albums, two of which were nominated for the Zimbabwe Music Awards. Besides Tomorrow about this time, her other albums are; Nditangirei pai, Vhura nzira, and It shall be well.