Kariba Pastor Patrick Mugadza (photo:Newsday).

Kariba Pastor Patrick Mugadza (photo:Newsday).

Police in Harare Thursday afternoon chased away the Kariba based clergy man, Pastor Patrick Mugadza, from the Africa Unity square- a public park in the capital-as he ended his prayer and fasting campaign for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

Pressure is increasing from various angles with churches also joining the anti-Mugabe campaign.

Pastor Mugadza, who came to national prominence when he was arrested while protesting against President Robert Mugabe at the Zanu PF conference in Victoria Falls last year, started a 40 day prayer for the nonagenarian leader to go.

In a bid to end the prayer and fasting Mugadza tried to put up a Cross marked with the inscription ‘Mugabe Must Fall’ before he was chased away by the police officers operating at the park.

Addressing journalists before he was chased away by the cops, the man of the cloth said Zimbabwe was being led by “by unclean people who have an ungodly spirit”.

He added: “These men and women in high offices who are ruling us have a spiritual backing which is not God’s spirit.

“We thank God for the successful 40 days and I am happy because things are happening and changing in Zimbabwe.

“It is not easy to make that decision, but Mugabe has to do it for people to get freedom and justice,” said the pastor.

“When he says I am quitting; when he says I am standing down, it would be a great sacrifice for the poor who have lost direction and purpose of life through poverty.

“No man or woman will give us comfort when this man (Mugabe) is still around.”

The man of clothe insisted that Mugabe must go adding that as a nation “have won already in terms of fighting the spirit. It’s a done deal.”

“(Mugabe’s) falling has already started spiritually, and what is only left is the manifest in the physical realm.”

Pastor Mugadza was arrested after staging a one-man demonstration at the Zanu PF national conference in Victoria Falls last December where he demanded Mugabe’s resignation. Recently, he also tied himself to a pole along First Street in Harare as part of his campaign against the veteran leader.