Kariba Pastor Patrick Mugadza (photo:Newsday).

ZANU PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere has come out guns blazing warning prophets of wanting to cause alarm and despondency in the country by declaring “false” prophetic announcements.

In an interview with a local daily paper the Newsday Kasukuwere said the prophets in Zimbabwe were becoming reckless and careless with their pronouncements.

Kasukuwere’s warning comes days after the Kariba based pastor Patrick Mugadza prophesied about President Robert Mugabe’s death.

According to Mugadza God revealed to him late last year in October that President Mugabe will call it a day on the 17th of October this year, unless he publicly-confessed and repented like the biblical king Hezekiah and God gave him 15 more years.

“I think these prophets are becoming reckless and careless. They should just stop the behaviour or they will force government to act,” Kasukuwere told Newsday.

This is not the first time Zanu PF has been at loggerheads with prophets, who have predicted doom and unrest in Zimbabwe.

Mugadza, however, said threats would not stop him from declaring the prophecy, which he claims he received while in prayer on December 26.

“I am not saying I am going to be killing him on October 17, so there is no way anybody can say to me what you have done is wrong, I am not going to be killing anybody, I am only saying what God told me that he is going to die,” he said.

Mugadza’s prophecy comes after Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries founder Walter Magaya predicted the death of a prominent politician this year.

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