Christian books are an effective way to reach out to a cross-section of people who rely on such books and other forms of Bible-based literature to help them understand the Bible and life experiences of other Christians.

In Zimbabwe Christian books have become a regular sight in many bookshops, as more and more church leaders are taking advantage of the power of the book to preach the gospel focusing on a wide range of scriptural themes or subjects. Of particular interest, however, is the fact that there are youths who are showing interest in writing Christian books with the aim of spreading the gospel to other youths and the elderly.

Among such youths is Kudzaishe Alois Manenji, a Lower Sixth student at Kutama College and a member of the Anglican Church, who recently published a book titled 7 Keys to Becoming a Good Christian: The Great Connection.

The student, who also co-authored a book titled Power of the Holy Spirit which was published last year by Teenage Ambassadors, claims to have a passion for the gospel, and wrote his book which aims to guide people seeking to renew their relationship with God.

What is mainly interesting about this young author is the fact that despite being only 17, he already shows a zeal for the gospel at a time when other teenage youths are preoccupied with secular entertainment. After reading his 140-page book, one is drawn to appreciate the author’s grasp of the scriptures coupled with his ability to illustrate ideas with examples borrowed from his personal life experiences.

Published by Veriest Solutions International in May this year, the book 7 Keys to Becoming a Good Christian: The Great Connection comprises  seven chapters which explore seven principles needed to produce a good Christian who can be a positive influence to others. According to Manenji, the seven keys which include prayer and fasting, studying the word, fighting in the wrong battlefield, trusting the Lord, spreading the word, thoughts and confessions, and praise and worship are principles which if applied can help prepare a Christian for heaven.