Prophetic Healing Deliverance ministries led by prophet Walter Magaya is expecting more than 200 000 congregates tonight in Waterfalls forcing them to extend the place across nearby Mukuvisi River.

 Magaya told journalists at a press briefing in Harare everything has been set for the all night prayer.

“Everything is ready for the prayer day and definitely lives of all the people given grace to attend will never be the same and I feel it in my spirit that God’s love is going to be shown,” said Prophet Magaya.

“We managed to have enough chairs and some of the people will be across Mukuvisi River and TV monitors will be available to those far away from the main stage.

The man of God commended the ministry of Home Affairs for providing enough security for the big event.

“I want to thank the ministry of Home Affairs for providing us with enough security of 120 police officers and we have organized 500 security marshals to maintain order and conduct everything timeously. “Let those coming here be prepared to meet their healing prophetic word and be delivered from all sorts of evil things and they will leave here with joy.

“Although some of our preachers share the word here, for this prayer day I will do the preaching and pray for the sick with the grace given to me and I feel more and more anointed to expose God’s power,” said Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Magaya led Deputy Minister of Education Paul Mavhima in touring the whole place including the neighbouring places arranged to meet enough parking spaces.