Deputy Prime Minister Thokhozani Khupe has urged churches in Zimbabwe to call on politicians and get them to understand the importance of being God-fearing leaders for the good of the nation.

Speaking at a regional workshop hosted by the Catholic Professionals Network of Zimbabwe (CPNZ) in collaboration with the African Forum for Catholic Social Teaching (AFCAST) in Harare recently, Khupe said peace could only be realised with God-fearing leadership.

“If this constitution is adhered to, mark my words, the people of Zimbabwe will live in peace and harmony. They will have a better life. We are fortunate in that we have voted for a new constitution resoundingly and this constitution contains very important things; rights of children, women, of the elderly, of the workers, and of the disabled,” she said.

The DPM implored the church to impress it upon politicians that the positions they held were not theirs, but God-given for the betterment and good of the country and the people they represent.

Khupe said the country faced a problem with its non-investor friendly policies and policy inconsistency and pointed out the importance of empowering every person in the country.

“For the creation of jobs, we must bring in new money. We must bring in investors into the country, that’s the best way to create jobs, let’s take advantage of the resources. After this election we are going to create jobs, without any doubt,” she said.

CPNZ aims to achieve social transformation through active participation in matters that affect people’s lives. The network is also committed to building a culture of justice and peace, protection of vulnerable groups, as well as safeguarding human rights.

Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference parliamentary liaison officer Edward Ndete said employment creation for young people was imperative for the development of the country.

“If a state cannot look after it’s people, let it go. Young people need to be engaged and must be employed,” said Ndete.

He also pointed out that the church was constantly calling on politicians to be orderly and said the church constantly corrected and talked to the leadership.

South African Catholic Bishops’ Conference parliamentary liaison office director, Peter Pearson said there was need for politcians to exercise power in ways that bring new possibilities to the people.