Gwendoline Mugauri argues in a recent article for Bulawayo24 that  a new wave of “prophets”  has hit Zimbabwe of late. This observation was prompted by a newspaper advertisement that read: “The only prophet in Zimbabwe who can prophesy your ID number.”

The advert was placed  by 22-year-old Prophet Passion Java, who simply calls himself Prophet Passion. Prophet Passion said in an interview with The Sunday Mail that he has the ability to know one’s national identification numbers. While this might seem bizarre to some, it is now a common occurrence, not only at Prophet Passion’s sermons but at those of many others.

“I was born with a special gift,” said Prophet Passion. “When I was very young, I used to have strange dreams depicting me in heaven and surrounded by angels. When I was in form one, I specifically had a vision in which I saw a set of numbers spinning in the air. I ran off to tell our school Scripture Union facilitator about the vision and she screamed, saying that it was her birth date.”

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