Churches have been challenged not only to pray for congregants, but advice and assist political and business leaders in order to create a nation which values “Godly” principles, Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Pastor Caesar Magwentshu has said.

Speaking at the AFM Houghton Park Highway Assembly conference titled “Kingdom Impact”, Magwentshu said the Church should be engaged more into social responsibility and mobilising Christian unions at educational institutions in order to bring up future leaders and workers who were accountable and without corrupt mind-sets.

“It starts at grassroots level. The other role is direct involvement in formulation of legislation so that the nation will maintain and retain moral values that will not bring a curse upon it like Sodom and Gomorrah,” he said.

“The Church should not just be heavenly minded, but earthly useful. Biblically no king reigned without advice from a prophet who would speak the mind of God to the king for the divine direction of Israel. Failure to take heed of God through the prophet, would bring failure and disaster and captivity to Israel and by prophet, I mean someone well accredited who genuinely speaks the mind of God in line with the scriptures with confirmation from other prophets.”

He said the Church, as the “salt of the earth”, should then add “taste” to the nation and provide solutions through God.

“That is the impact of the Kingdom the world is waiting for. If the Church returns to the Kingdom, then it will return to authority where the entire world will inquire for solutions from it contrary to cocooning and enclosing itself in a religious denomination of dos and don’ts,” Magwentshu said.

The conference started on Monday and ends tomorrow. Speakers lined up include Kennedy Gangata of AFM Sakubva, Mutare, Peter Kyengo of Redeemed Gospel Church, Machakos, Kenya, and Nick Ohizu of Redeemed House of God.

Artistes to perform at the conference include Liberty Ticharwa, Innocent Gakaka, Mai Magadzire and Mathias Mhere.