The Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church has been ordered to refund an ex-pastor US$10 000 for the refurbishment of a church house.

Richman Muguti, a former pastor at Yobel Centre (an AFM branch in Chinhoyi), is claiming money that he allegedly lent the congregation for the construction of a church house in 2008.

In her judgement, magistrate Olivia Marega wrote, “the respondent is ordered to pay the plaintiff an amount of $10 000 with costs and interests as evidence have vividly shown that developmental progress took over soon after the applicant’s arrival.”

 “The church owed me $10 000 for the construction of a house but they are refusing to pay me back, claiming I am fabricating,” said a fuming Muguti.

The former pastor says he is shocked that AFM is now shifting goal posts notwithstanding the fact that signatures of church officials are appended on the acknowledgement form which was written as a proof of agreement.

“We conducted a meeting with church board members and agreed the sum would be returned soon after the completion of the building but those same members are now dismissing the agreement,” he testified.

Farai Chitemerere who is also a member of the AFM dismissed the Muguti’s claim saying that, by the time the defrocked pastor undertook the job, construction was already underway.

“We managed to acquire the land prior to the pastor’s arrival and by then the pastor was just a mere individual with nothing to show off in terms of material stability.

“It is the church that provided everything that is from food to blankets. How could he generate $10 000 when he failed to raise money for his wife’s medication?” said Chitemerere.

The case that has been going on in a see-saw finally came to an end yesterday much to the delight of Muguti who claims that when he arrived at the church it was in a state of disrepair.

“How could a man who owns fancy cars like a Pajero, Mercedes Benz, Mazda 626 and a Toyota Corolla fail to buy a blanket?

“The fact that prior to my arrival there was no development at the church clearly shows my contribution towards the church’s wellbeing,” said Muguti.

Muguti claims that he was fired from the church after he had asked to be reimbursed the money he used in the renovating of a church house.