Married Zimbabwean men’s extra marital affairs locally known as “small houses” will be history by next year, says  an Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church pastor, Lilian Bwanya.

The woman of God, who is conducting crusades in Bulawayo to rid the society of the adulterous affairs wreaking havoc in many marriages in the country, says God gave her a word on the imminent demise of small houses that have become an institution in the country.

The Pastor told a Bulawayo-based tabloid  B-Metro recently that she believes with her power of prayer the country can get rid itself of the menace of small houses which have destroyed many homes.

Bwanya is currently conducting a seminar at a Baptist Church in Bulawayo to denounce small houses and deliver many from this bondage.

The inaugural crusade that she conducted at her church, “The Anti- Small-House Campaign” had a huge attendance of close to 500 people who came with the hope of being delivered from the syndrome that has torn apart many households and caused a lot of suffering in numerous families.

The campaign was first of its kind and the response we got was unexpectedly overwhelming, which alone was a clear indication that many wives are living in hell because of people who are existing snatched of their husbands” said the Pastor who has surprised many in the city. She thereby set herself on collision with small houses as they are unlikely to give up their boyfriends without a fight, adulterous men being a source of livelihood for them.

The pastor is reported to recently  have received a word from God that many homes were perishing due to extra-marital affairs and has taken upon her to destroy them.

People who participated at her crusades reported that a number of sexual escapades were exposed and she used her spiritual powers to ensure that they are delivered form their wayward behaviour and return to their matrimonial homes.

However, people who spoke to expressed mixed feelings about the pastor’s revelation. We are tired of small houses, we will be happy if that happens; it could be the time and I believe it. The problem is that sometimes we undermine God. If he could kill the all first-born children in Egypt what could stop him from abolishing small houses? ” said Mrs Ellis Sibanda of Lobengula.

Mr Owen Jonifani, of Barham Green, echoed similar sentiments. “It has happened before. This statement is no fantasy or idealism; for example Jonah preached and the whole city of Nineveh repented without any notable miracle taking place. What is the difference then? While I understand that the Bible says that sin will never end especially in these last days, the woman talks about a particular area that God will give her a particular anointing to accomplish that mission. Hakuna chikakunda munamato (Nothing can defeat prayer),” said Sakhile Dube.

And some Bulawayo residents have dismissed the prophecy as unfounded and ridiculous. “That is utopian for anyone to think that extra-marital affairs will end. These extra-marital affairs have been there for a time immemorial and for one to say they will come to an end today and start giving them a deadline, to me it is not practical. The prophecy to me sounds like a hallucination. The pastor is not only mistaken but daydreaming” said Prosper Ndlovu of Emganwini suburb.

It is not realistic, to tell you the truth. This prophecy is nothing but a marketing strategy for that woman’s church. You will see how women will flood that church after those crusades,” said a man who preferred to be identified as “Zulu”.