Flamboyant, controversial prophet, Uebert Angel’s unannounced visit at the Midlands State University (MSU) on Friday brought the college activities to a halt as students dashed to catch a glimpse of the Spirit Embassy founder.

Affectionately known as Papa by his followers, Angel arrived at MSU in a convoy of top of the range cars where he was a guest presenter at a Business Forum organized by businessman Chamu Chiwanza.

Before taking to the podium, Mudiwa Mutandwa, performed popular hip hop track Ndaita Mari which send the crowd into frenzy.

The charismatic preacher bragged about his wealth overseas among other assets.

His testimonial was mind-blowing for the poor students who could not help but clap in excitement.

“You are poor because you are stupid. The demon of poverty rebels when its deliverer come,” Angel said to wild cheers.

“The moment people hear that a man of God is rich, you think the money is from church,” he added, saying he acquired his wealth through hard work.

Angel rubbished his critiques who claim that he was a show off.

“They say I am showing off. Emphatically yes,” Angel chuckled before he pledged to sponsor the school fees of three students present at the event.

“The reason why I am not asking the amount is that I can afford it,” he said.

The RelZim witnessed hoards of desperate students raising their hands in anticipation, but Angel chose stuck to the three.

Angel hogged the limelight last year with Miracle money and miracle weight loss, but did not dare perform the ‘miracle’ saying he had not come for miracles.

He first performed the miracle money in Botswana, a ‘miracle’ which was widely criticized by the Christian community.

Angel was voted the most Influential Person in Africa this year and has grown in popularity since his return to Zimbabwe after a 13-year stint in the United Kingdom.