In a country where almost every sector of society depends on hearing what prophets are saying about it,Bulawayo has not been left out of the trend.

A young Bulawayo prophet has caused a stir in the city with strange miracles taking place at his services. This is Prophet Sisonke Ndlovu (25) affectionately known as the “Terrorist Prophet” by his congregants and close allies. What really is it that has made this Prophet such a unique and unusual one from the lot of modern day Prophets?

His signature gifting is strongly on dealing with witchcraft and wizardry and the areas of satanic oppression. The self styled prophet believes that Christians should not fear witches but witches should be in fear of Christians. He goes on to say tahat many times people believe after they are born again then satan leaves them alone yet that is only the acceptance into the battle with satan. In one of the service held in the afternoon at the church venue at Sizinda Vocational Center,last Sunday during the ministration of the man of God a certain woman in the congregation started feeling heat and screaming uncontrollably during service. A few seconds later as she was being brought to the front she vomited a SAFETY PIN that was about 5 cm long and about 3 cm wide. The prophet gave glory to Jesus as the people cheered as he believes it is Jesus working through him.

In another incident during the ministration of the Prophet a congregant rushed quickly to the front expressing she had received a call from home. It is reported that there were three women who were at her gate naked and covered in ashes crying”WE HAVE BEEN ARRESTED” all after the declaration the Prophet had made about arresting witches.

People are seen to be healed from varying sicknesses such as cancer,HIV and different a ilments as the young Prophet ministers. The Prophet is a spiritual son to controversial UK based Prophet, Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy. When the Prophet was contacted for comment he said he cant explain what happens its Jesus doing His will upon His people. “Its not all about money,if it were for money i would have left long back,i dont even have a car,i use kombis with everyone else”,said the Prophet.