According to The Zimbabwe Independent, bishops from the Anglican Church’s five dioceses in Zimbabwe are now living in fear after receiving death threats from a faction allegedly linked to Bishop Nolbert Kunonga. Chad Gandiya of Harare, Ishmael Mukuwanda of Central Zimbabwe, Cleopas Lunga of Matabeleland, Godfrey Tawonezvi of Masvingo and Julius Makoni of Manicaland claimed that the faction hired assassins to eliminate them for blocking Kunonga from becoming Archbishop of the Province of Central Africa.

Tawonezvi said two men claiming to work for the faction visited him last month and confessed that they had orders to assassinate him and the other bishops because they were a threat to Kunonga’s ambition of being ordained archbishop.
Tawonezvi said the men who declined to identify themselves approached him under the pretext of discussing problems in the Anglican Church and when he informed them that these were only prevalent in Harare, they warned him that he would bear the consequences if he continued to resist Kunonga. “They told me that all five bishops were targeted and warned that in future some men will simply carry out their orders,” said Tawonezvi.

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