Anglican Bishopof Harare Chad Gandiya, his wife Faith (left) and Victoria Chitepo (centre). (Photo: New Zimbabwe)

Anglican Bishopof Harare Chad Gandiya, his wife Faith (left) and Victoria Chitepo (centre). (Photo: New Zimbabwe)

The Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA)’s youth assembly has launched the Green-Church Movement a conglomeration of faith based groups against environmental degradation and ozone depletion.

Anglican Church Harare Diocese head, Bishop Chad Gandiya said he was impressed by the way the youths have conducted themselves within the Anglican Communion.

“We are humbled by how our youths have handled and conducted themselves as regards the issue of environmental awareness and in particular fronting the launch of what is to be known as the Green Church Movement.

“This will bring together different churches in the fight for a clean environment and in our quest to bring back the Sunshine City that Harare is known as,” said Bishop Gandiya.

He said as leaders of tomorrow youths in the Anglican Communion have shown the way and the older generation can only support this noble cause.

“We have always been sceptical of our youths in this age of globalisation and the advent of social networking sites and drug abuse.

“The church should always been seen as a heaven of moral high standards and the youths in our Diocese have shown we still have a future to look forward to and we can rest assured our country will be passed onto good hands,” said the Anglican cleric.

Anglican Youth Association of Harare (AYAH) co-ordinator for the local Diocese’s Edward Murangwanwa said the idea of the Green Church Movement was mooted by the elders in the church.

“As the youths we decided to take up the baton and create awareness amongst our people particularly in the cities where we have seen deteriorating health standards due to water shortages.

“This country will be left to us by the current leadership and if we do not prepare ourselves to take charge and create the kind of environment we would want to live in then nobody will,” said Muranganwa.

Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere a former minister of Youth said praised the youths for their initiative.

“This is what we expect of our youths and it goes a long way in showing that we have a bright future and this country will be in safe hands.

“As government we will continue to support such projects and programmes and particularly for us from the ministry of Environment are humbled by their gesture,” said Kasukuwere.

He said the political will is there from the office of President Robert Mugabe although he did not attend the campaign launch as had been envisaged.

“The President is very much behind this initiative and his failure to attend this event was due to communication problems in the planning of the event.

“As you have heard that this is the launch of the Green-Church Movement we will in the near future make arrangements for a bigger national launch that the President will preside over,” said Kasukuwere.

It would have been Mugabe’s first attendance at a function organised by the CPCA since the end of a four-year acrimonious fight between Gandiya and renegade former Bishop Nolbert Kunonga who fronted a reign of terror within the church with tacit support from Zanu PF and other state actors.

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