So little of him is known elsewhere in Zimbabwe save for his hometown Mutare, but that seems not to be enough to stop promising gospel artiste from showing the prowess lurking in him. Having grown up with no one to teach him how to sing, Daniel Moyo has defied all odds to prove that anything is possible. 

The 28-year-old musician, along with his group The Hope of Glory, has just released an eight-track gospel album, which is largely premised on praising the Lord. Titled John 17 v 3, the album, his second, carries tracks such as Jesu Anokudana, Jesu Kristu Mandiri, Tisazodanana neMadhimoni, God is Love, Handidi Vana Vegehena, Jesu Munoshamisa,  Mufaro and Sara naJesu.

The album promises to make a hit on the market with songs such as Jesu Anokudana, Jesu Kristu Mandiri and God is Love, a jazz-like track, likely to rattle the airwaves in the near future.

Moyo said he felt the latest offering would reach a wider audience as compared to his debut recording, Jesus Christ, recorded in 2011. The musician, who initially had ambitions to be in the navy, said the launch date for the new album would be announced in a few weeks’ time in Mutare.

Listening to the first album speaks volumes of the young artist. It carries eight tracks Jesus Christ, Tinaye Mweya Mutsvene, Rugare, Jesus Is Coming, Jesus Because You Live, Tora Jesu, Long Back and the instrumental version of Jesus Because You Live. The first three tracks thrust him onto a relatively high ground for a first timer with a mature sound and composition.