A self-proclaimed Harare prophet who recently made headlines after forcing a 13-year-old teenager to sodomise him was yesterday slapped with a 12-year jail term.

Mathodias Matambo, 26, was convicted of attempted aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to an effective seven-year jail term after five years of the sentence were suspended on condtion of good behaviour.

Regional magistrate Adonia Masawi castigated Matambo’s behaviour and warned him against blasphemy. “It’s a pity and surprising that accused claimed to use the term ‘prophet’ in doing such a heinous act. It is an insult to the whole profession of genuine prophets,” Masawi said. “The court should, therefore, send a clear signal to the community that what [the] accused did is unacceptable in civilised society. It was fortunate that complainant did not fully penetrate the accused as he so wished.” 

The court heard that, on April 25, Matambo visited the teenager’s aunt upon invitation to pray for her three-year old child and after conducting his prayers, he requested the boy to accompany him to his shrine, claiming the juvenile also needed prayers.

The court heard Matambo told the boy he had demons that were causing him to fail and abscond from school and offered to cast them away. He then requested the boy to sleep by his side before forcing the teenager to sodomise him.

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