Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Australia Church held its first ever nationally organized Conference in Australia from Thursday 29 September to 2 October this year 2016 at Foothills Conference Centre in Melbourne Victoria.

In recent years, the church used to hold national conferences which were organized by the hosting state.

To put icing on the cake, the national conference also was used to celebrate ten years since AFM Church was launched in Australia.

The President of AFM International, Dr. Frank Chikane, AFM Zimbabwe President who is also AFM international Vice President, Dr Aspher Madziyire and former AFM Zimbabwe Vice President, Musician, Author, Lecturer and Pastor, Rev Titus Murefu also graced the historical event.

A respectable number of congregants from all states of the Australian continent attended the conference.

The theme of the conference was “God on our side” and the theme verse taken from 1 Samuel 17 v37.

The AFM Australia chairman, Rev Innocent Shone was the first preacher. He put in a solid sermon introducing the conference theme in clear terms by dissecting the popular biblical story of David and Goliath revealing what happens when God is one’s side.

Rev Shone encouraged congregants to face challenges positively by reflecting on challenges they have gone through and won in the past as a springboard to help raise your faith to meet new problems fearlessly knowingly God is on their your side.

Rev. Titus Murefu had a message on “The language of someone who knows God is on his side”.

The man of God didn’t disappoint as he taught how someone who has faith in God speaks with words full of conviction and certainty.

Rev. Murefu even had time to minister together with his wife by singing melodiously a song with the words from the conference theme.

Dr. Madziyire preached about the choices people take and their consequences.

He gave an example of Cain and Abel who took different choices in their sacrifices to God.

“The results of their choices were favorable to Abel and Cain’s choices led to disaster hence Christians’ choices should be guided by the belief that God is on their side,” he said.

The AFM Church international president gave an inspirational sermon first by summarizing the Conference theme then spoke about his chilling personal experiences he had encountered along the road in this good fight in Christ.

He chose to define his message as “The other side of God being on our side”

The humble, determined and focused AFM International South African based President, Dr Frank Chikane outlined his dreams of where the church should be heading.

He is currently working to grow the Pakistan church and several other countries in the Middle East including Iraq, The United States of America, Brazil and Canada.

This is no easy task since Islam is a dominant religion in Middle East and there are language challenges in some countries like Brazil but nothing is impossible for those who believe.

The man of God was also concerned by lack of financial aid by Pentecostal churches towards refuges in such places as Syria. He is holding discussions with partners to rectify that anomaly.

A council meeting was held near the end of the Conference where new leadership was put in place to lead AFM Australia possibly up to 2018 when a President of AFM Australia is going to be ordained.

The new leadership comprised of Pastor Innocent Shone from Sydney who was elected to be the Church Overseer, deputised by Pastor Kumbirai Wekare of Perth.

Pastor Daniel Gorondondo from Brisbane was elected the church’s Secretary General with Pastor Mvelo Dube of Melbourne who at one time during the conference wowed the crowd by his exceptional praise singing elected the Youth Leader.

There were numerous other leadership positions which were handed over to the deserving people from across the nation.

The conference painted a bright future for the church in Australia.

The zeal showed by all the congregants together with their leadership to seed the word of God is unstoppable and Satan together with those in his camp are really in big trouble and AFM Church is surely going places.

Celebrations for reaching a decade milestone since the church launched in Australia are still going on.