According to The Herald, Dynamos (a Harare-based soccer club) players are being ordered to strip naked, in their rooms on the eve of their Premiership matches outside the capital, where their bodies are sprayed with holy water.

An elder in the Apostolic Faith sect led by Madzibaba Daniel said their church did not prescribe such unorthodox means of worship and such practices were not consistent with the teachings of their religion. He said while he wasn’t aware of what happens at Dynamos’ camping sessions, he was certain that any devoted disciple of the apostolic sect led by Madzibaba Daniel, like the Dynamos coach Lloyd Mutasa, would not endorse such unorthodox means.

He said Mutasa was told by the church’s leadership that they would pray for him to do well in his coaching career and it would be even better if they prayed with, and for, the players he would be guiding.

But he rejected any suggestions that Mutasa was being forced to drag the entire Dynamos team into their church sessions or to convert them into believers of their Apostolic Faith sect.

“Lloyd was told that the players can only be helped if they willingly come for prayers and noone has ever been forced to come to us,” he said.

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