The Arcadia Islamic Society (AIS), an ensemble of over 60 Muslim families, has called for peace ahead of the much anticipated harmonised elections scheduled for later this year.

The group has revealed that Islam, if translated means peace, is a way of life that shuns violence but encourages people to have an “active submission to the one God.”

On June 30, the AIS will be holding a fundraising braai for the upliftment of their center in Braeside where they said they will continue the vow of preaching peace to people in the community.

Speaking to the man in charge of business at the offices of AIS, Sheikh Saeed Milani, he revealed that there is no need for people to spill blood because Islam “is a religion of peace.”

He urged people to be tolerant of each other politically and also religiously.

“We preach peace and tolerance in Islam and there is no need to be violent when someone has a different view to the one that you share.  From the family to the nation, there is need to have peace,” said the Sheikh.

The Sheikh added: “Islam teaches that human beings have a moral obligation to live in harmony with one another and it also recognises and accords rights to all human beings regardless of race, color or creed.

“Islam requires its followers to show respect and tolerance even to those who do not share our faith.”

Sheikh Milani also revealed that the Qur’an guarantees a freedom of conscience quoting that, “God has no mercy on one who shows no mercy to others.”

During the 2008 harmonised elections, there were reports of violence throughout the country that claimed many lives.

AIS comprises of families that live in arcadia, Hillside, Queensdale and Hatfield.

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