About  5 000 enthusiastic Catholics in the Archdioceses Harare gathered at St Peter’s Kubatana on the 11th of May 2014 for their  first ever event in the Archdiocese that all elderly  guilds (Zvitazvevakuru) men and women gather as one family praying focusing much on the Pastoral challenges to the family in the context of new evangelization.

All arch-zvita congress was the first ever combined adult guild event that was organized by Mr. Gweme the Arch Zvita Council Chairman and his team, top boards, the Spiritual Director Fr Muguti and Spiritual Advisor, Sr DemetriaPurazi LCBL.

The most exciting aspect was the march from Machinist shopping centre to the venue. None could hide the fact that Roman Catholic Church is a church that has foundation laid. Confidence and enthusiasm prevailed in the congregation as they walked in the suburbs of Highfields. This really showed that people embraced the idea of the gathering and were proud of being Catholics as the primary objective basically and not as Zvita which is secondary objective.

Mr. Magadzire, one of the organizing team members, quoted Archbishop Ndlovu in his letter to the conference that “having this combined guild conference is a sign of demonstrating unity in diversity, utilizing the rich Sacred Tradition in the church in devotions imitating great Saints, men and women who walked this path before us following Jesus Christ hence our objective of is to pray and evangelize regardless of belonging to different guilds” he said.

“You are involved in continual Catechesis and renewal, which ties in neatly with this year’s Pastoral challenges of New Evangelization in the Families.  Kupinda muchita kunokupai mukana wekuramba muchivandudzwa muchitendero nekuramba muchidzidza, semuyedzwa, mukusanangana kwenyu senhengo pamisangano yenyu yesvondo rogaroga, uyepamazuvamakuru, munowana zvidzidzo zvakawanda.Chita rupenyu rwekunamata, kuteerera shoko raMwari nekuita mabasa etsitsi. Guilds have excellent communication channels, which are the envy of some organizations in the Archdiocese”, said the archbishop.