The Youth in the Archdiocese of Harare on Saturday the 10th of May celebrated the local World Youth Day (WYD) at Mbare Netball Complex.

The event which ran under the theme, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit for the Kingdom of God is theirs” (Matthew 5:3) drew over a thousand young people from all parishes in the Archdiocese especially the urban part.

In his theme talk presentation, Fr Mashayamombe from All Souls Mission reminded the youth of the importance of prayer in one’s life and how they can be the poor in spirit for them to attain the Kingdom of God. He unpacked to the gathering that for them to be called sons and daughters of God they need to show that they poor spiritually and this can only be seen through persistent praying.

He also made reference to 2 Corinthians 1: 9 which says, “But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.” He added that even if people are in the midst of trouble and facing death, when they pray, the Lord hears their cry.“If anyone suffered heartbreak, they can tell you that it is that time one does not understand what is around you, when everything seems meaningless and tasteless, when you even oppose the weather. But what then do you do with such a situation? That’s when your poverty in spirit should be shown. Kneel down and ask for a blessing from God. Pray as if it’s your last day on earth and the Lord will surely answer you”, he reiterated on the need for prayer.

The event provided a platform for those who went to Brazil in 2013 to share their experiences and for WYD Task Force to air out what is required for the 2016 celebrations to be hosted by Poland.

The day was concluded with the celebration of Mass led by Fr Maganga, the Archdiocese Youth and Vocations Spiritual Director.