The family of the imprisoned MDC-T Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore has asked Zimbabweans to pray for him.

Solomon Madzore’s brother Paul Madzore, who is also the MDC-T Chairman for Harare, said that the family places hope into people’s prayers. “As a family we want to thank all Zimbabweans and friends abroad for the support shown and prayers that have been put forward for Solomon, my brother! And I want to tell you that at least one of our family members visits him everyday at the Chikurubi Maximum Prison. He is as sweet as a horse and clearly in high spirits,” said the elder Madzore.

“We are happy that Solomon has not been tortured we are happy to see him daily in such high spirits. He gives us inspiration to carry us through the difficult days but, most importantly, it is the prayers that are important I urge all Zimbabweans to pray,” stressed Paul Madzore.

Madzore said that Zimbabweans are one and should treat each other as brother and sister, and, in times of need, they should pray for good of the country. “As a family we are grateful to God and we will continue to seek him through these trying times, I urge all Zimbabweans to pray for peace and also for Solo,” added Harare’s MDC-T Chairman.

“Somehow, one way or the other, we are all relatives either by blood, totem or by territorial bonding. Hence, there is always need to put our country and families first. So our thrust should always be that, whatever we discuss, engage or find ourselves in, [we] must, in a way, achieve peace for the betterment of all Zimbabweans.”