Members of the Gweru-stemming gospel group Voice of Prophecy Ephraim and Respina Patai enrolled at a theological college. 

“We are studying theology at Mt Hermon College and we hope to resume shows once we are done with school,” Madzibaba Patai said.

Baba naMai Patai could be forming a breakaway outfit from their apostolic church called Zviratidzo ZvevaPostori Church in Gweru. However, Madzibaba Patai, as he is affectionately known in music circles, said there were no immediate plans to start their own church. “We have no such plans but if the Holy Ghost says so no-one refuses. You know what happened to Jonah when he tried to run away? He was given better transport to go where he was told to go,” Madzibaba Patai said.

The Voice of Prophecy burst onto the music scene with the release of their debut “Ane Nzeve Ngaanzwe” which was followed up by “Shoko Seshoko.” These did not, however, do well on the market owing to a lack of promotion. 

The group’s fortunes changed, as they learnt the ropes of the industry. 

They caused quite a stir on the scene with the release of their third album “Rumbidzwai” in 2005. The duo was credited with raising the profile of gospel music, hitherto regarded as a solemn genre, to one of the most popular forms of entertainment and spiritual healing. Added to this, the group pioneered the “Butterfly Effect” dance that many tried to imitate.