From Judgement Night 2 to Easter Camp meetings, the stage has now been set for a ‘fierce fight’ for the souls of Zimbabweans as the biggest holiday on the Christian calendar beckons.

The nation, transfixed by a collection of charismatic miracle prophets will this Easter be spoilt for choice. But it could also turn out to be a chance to see who “the biggest crowd puller” would be.

With unconfirmed reports indicating that the number of his congregants has been declining since Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD)’s Walter Magaya exploded onto the scene more than a year ago, charismatic United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa is set to have the biggest crowd this Easter.

He has installed huge billboards adorned with the Judgement Night 2 signage, sponsored by telecommunications giant Econet Wireless, in almost all major roads leading to Harare.

The gathering, according to Makandawa’s officials is targeting a staggering 150 000 congregants at the National Sports Stadium with 7 000 of them being foreign guests coming for the grand event, set for April 19, “where God’s hand will manifest itself”.

The occasion will run under the theme: “Usazoita zvekuudzwa” (Don’t wait to be told).

Judgement Night 2 also got a boost last week when Tourism minister Walter Mzembi told journalists at a press briefing that government had adopted the event as a form of religious tourism.

“Cabinet has approved religious tourism and I am pleased to announce that government has adopted Judgement Night 2 as a major driver of religious tourism,” said Mzembi flanked by Makandiwa’s spokesperson Prime Kufakunesu.

“. . . as government we have to come and assist by intervening on the rates of the venue and hotel rooms. It is an event that will not only transform the nation’s fortunes but bring refreshing moments”.

On the other hand, Magaya will also be presiding over an Easter gathering likely to attract thousands of people, if recent reports are anything to go by.

Magaya’s spokesperson, Oscar Pambuka Sunday said although they do not have details of their Easter programme yet, they had big plans that would rope in the South African sensational gospel group Joyous Celebration.

“The Man of God is going to Nigeria probably to get more instructions and he will, by the end of the week, announce the Easter programme.

“We are expecting no less than 90 000 people to come to the Easter celebrations and we are planning to bring in Joyous Celebration. We are, however, not in competition with anyone because we

worship the same God,” said Pambuka.

Meanwhile, another charismatic preacher Uebert Angel will host the Easter Camp meeting where the church is also expecting  “thousands upon thousands” according to a senior pastor who declined to be named.

“Based on geographical distribution, we are the biggest (congregation) and our footprints transcend boundaries beyond the continent. If you consider Miracle TV, our imprint is even bigger (than any other event) and that can give you an idea of the numbers we are expecting here.

“You talk of numbers when you are still small, we will not be counting congregants because we have no time for that,” he said