World religious and political leaders including and President Robert Mugabe were in Italy for Sunday’s beatification of Pope Paul VI at the Vatican.

On Sunday the religious and political leaders with the Roman Catholics had a double mass that marked the end of the Third Extraordinary Synod of Bishops. This culminated in the beautification of Paul V1 by Pope Francis

Beatification in the Catholic Church means declaring somebody to be Holy.

Paul VI was elected Pope on June 21, 1963 and passed away on Aug. 6, 1978. He was the first Pope to travel to five continents, making him the most travelled pope in history at the time.

In 1993 Paul V1 was honored as a servant of God. In 2012 the church elevated him to Venerable

He was beatified after Pope Francis approved a miracle credited to the intercession of Paul V1, (healing of an unborn child) setting him for the next stage for his elevation to blessed one step away from sainthood.