Government said the public should be wary of fake faith healers and people using social media claiming that they could cure Ebola.

Ebola broke out in West Africa in the recent months with three West African countries namely Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia confirming the outbreak. There have also been cases in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Zimbabwe the government had dismissed stories on the social media claiming that the epidemic was reported in Bulawayo.

The government had also discouraged people from visiting West Africa until the Ebola outbreak had been brought under control.

In an interview with RelZim in Harare early this week, Head of Epidemiology and disease control in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Dr Portia Managazira said the public should be wary of dubious faith healers claiming to be having the cure for Ebola.

“This is a warning we are giving to everyone out there that they should be very cautious of such characters appearing on the social media. We had one such case in Nigeria where someone gave some people concoction claiming that they could be cured of Ebola,” she said.

Fake prophets and dubious traditional healers usually emerge and take advantage of unsuspecting and desperate people when ever such diseases break out.

Dr Manangazira said they had increased their monitoring of the possible outbreak of Ebola in all the country’s border posts and airports.

The World Health Organisation has since announced that there is no cure for Elbola.