It never rains for Clemence Mpakwa, the current Chief Mpakwa, as more women are now willing to testify against him.

Sources close to the matter reveal that four other women are willing to testify against Mpakwa. Chief Mpakwa who is facing rape charges was remanded to September 30 3013 for trial.

However, a number of women including some from his Johanne Masowe YeChishanu Church are said to be willing to testify against the chief accusing him of having raped them. The women who refused to reveal their identity before the trial date for fear of victimisation are said to have gathered courage after one victim reported her case.

“This man has been abusing women in the name of his church as well as using his chieftainship. We didn’t have the courage to report him but now we can do it because we have seen that the law can protect us,” said one of the victims.

It is the state case that sometime last month at around 7 pm Mpakwa, who is also popularly known as Madzibaba Clemence, gave a lift to a woman from Duma Township but for reasons better known to him he decided to drive almost 20 kilometres the opposite direction to Mutanhi village near Chitsanga primary school.

It is alleged on arrival he ripped off the woman’s clothes and raped her twice before driving back. He dropped her a few metres from her home and she immediately reported the matter at Nyika Police base leading to Mpakwa’s arrest.