A Bindura couple have defied the odds by giving more than 25 children a home after being left destitute or orphaned.

 Kutenda Children’s Home founders, Pastor Elias and Annah Maponga,  started with 4 children and has seen the number rising to more than 27 over the past six years.

Narrating the events that led to the construction of the home Elias and Annah Maponga said they have been moved by the suffering of orphans who at a tender age begin to face the reality of life without parental care.

“This is truly a calling, we have been called by God to do this work and we have accepted the vision though it was difficult at first,” said Elias.

The couple who used to stay in Gweru said they discovered the place for the children’s home after they had visited their relatives in Bindura.

“We had visited our relatives when we discovered this place, actually there was a Roman Catholic priest who wanted to use the place for educational training but he later relocated and some people including chief, headman family and friends urged us to take the opportune time to build a children’s home,” he said.

“At first it was difficult as we didn’t have anything to start with but with the support from the community we managed to build our home,” added Maponga.

The couple who have since sold their family home in Gweru said they are enjoying the work that they are doing.

“We are proud of what we are doing, not because we are able but we enjoy the work and we have set up a number of projects that we doing like chicken rearing, sewing and farming which is helping to  sustain  the home.”

“Currently we are left with 9 children as others have now grown bigger and we have relocated them with their relatives and soon we are going to have more children but this time they will be coming from the ministry.”

Apart from building a home the couple also managed to build a church for the children and the community as well.

The pastors added that they get support from the community, family, friends other churches and their children who are abroad.

However, like any other institution in the country economic challenges hold them back affecting the running of the home. the couple said.

 “We are facing a number of challenges, we do not have electricity, we use candles which cost us a lot because our kids need to study though we  discourage them from using candles as they might burn themselves or the buildings,” narrated Maponga.

The couple also said other challenges are in terms of school fees, uniforms, stationary, food, clothing and inputs for farming.

A tailor by profession, Annah Maponga also provides training to young girls empowering them with applied skills.

The couple said in future if they get the necessary support they need to embark on other projects such as raising cattle, increasing the number of chickens and goats that they are currently keeping.

Currently the home has two care givers and is registered with the ministry of social welfare.

The home located in the rural Masembura area, Nekati Village, in Bindura District of Zimbabwe, has seen some of the children being reunited with their families and many being given a place to call home.