Jubula New Life Covenant Church‘s Bishop Tudor Bismark caused a stir in London on November 2nd when he confessed to sleeping with his boss in front of a 3,000+ crowd.

The crowd had gathered to hear an array of speakers at the annual International Gathering of Champions hosted by a British mega-church, Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC). 

KICC was celebrating its purchase of a 24-acre facility worth £30 million for a paltry £5 million. The facility has been aptly named Prayer City.

With great bravado, Zimbabwean preacher said, “I am sleeping with my boss!”

His ‘confession’ was received with shocked gasps followed by nervous giggles and muted applause. While it was not quite clear, the internationally recognised preacher is believed to have rhetorically meant his wife Chichi Bismark, who is also a pastor in his church.

Having made his ‘shocking’ confession, Bishop Tudor Bismark went on to tear the roof off the Excel building. Bismark, who was scheduled to speak for 40 minutes, preached for one hour. 

The applause went on for a full 12 minutes, after which Bishop Bismark left the stage in his customary swagger.