A church leader in Zimbabwe said that Zimbabwe will rise again despite political bickering, poverty, soaring levels of HIV/Aids and low life expectancy.

Bishop Trevor Manhanga, the presiding Bishop of Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe (PAOZ), is upbeat about Zimbabwe’s future, even the country’s potential to be the most powerful nation in the world.

“I have no doubt that this country is going to be the beacon of peace and prosperity in the region and the continent. I strongly believe the best is yet to come,” Manhanga said.

For the past decade, Zimbabwe’s economy literally collapsed under the Zimbabwean dollar which made it increasingly difficult for citizens to survive.

While Zimbabwe has become the laughing stock of the entire world, Christians believe that God has not left their motherland.

“God is able and willing to destine Zimbabwe for greatness. He will never leave us nor forsake us,” Manhanga said.

The PAOZ leader says the church in Zimbabwe should pray for the nation for restoration of hope.

“Christians need to stand up and intercede for the nation of Zimbabwe. Hope and peace shall be restored. This is not the time to look at many places, but to God who will restore the nation’s pride,” he said.   

Meanwhile, Manhanga urged willing Christians to run for public office. “However, they need to be very clear of what they want to achieve and, when God elevates them to the top, they must stand true to the principles of the word of God.”