A new Apostolic music group Mufaro Wevatendi from Budiriro 4 suburb of Harare has released their debut eight-track album titled Hatisi Venyika Ino.

Led by Frank Chireve, the group has been receiving rave reviews especially on National FM, where some of the tracks taken from the album like Mufaro, Canaan, Shumeri and Jesu Chete have become hits among listeners.

Although this is their first release, it is evident that Mufaro Wevatendi have put in a lot of effort to come up with a polished project that appeals to people of all ages and denominations.

The album was recorded at Musica House.

The title track, Hatisi Venyika Ino, reminds people that we are transient on this earth and hence the need for us to repent and thus prepare for our places in Heaven.

The 10-member outfit say the release of the album was made possible through the likes Mr and Mrs Chireve, Jacob Nyamadzawo and Webster Chimanga.

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