In the spirit of Easter, Glad Tidings Fellowship Church in Bulawayo hosted a convention, where believers converged for a four-day encounter with their Creator.

The conference coincided with the church’s 25th anniversary celebrations. And all congregants wore the celebration’s regalia to signify a milestone of their Silver Jubilee.

The major highlight of the day was a ruffle draw in which a local pastor won a laptop, and the second-prize winner got a Bible. This was all done to encourage giving in the church which was faced with a hefty budget.

Preaching at the conference was founder of the church Apostle Richmond Chiundiza who preached passionately about the need for Christians to build a relationship with God. He castigated those who prioritise riches over doing the will of God.

Chiundiza gave an inspiring testimony of how God had provided for his needs when he felt God calling him to full-time ministry. “Do not allow material things to come between you and God,” Chiundiza said adding that the church is compromising on a lot of things.

Last year, Dr Goodwill Shana made a stunning revelation that corruption is rife in church and Chuindiza’s remarks are no exception.

Chiundiza also warned those preachers who misuse the gifts of God and charged them to desist from self-exaltation. “People are now more interested in titles than doing the work of God. The gifts of God are given and not earned, so preachers should not exalt themselves. People should see more of God in us,” the Glad Tidings founder said.