Celebrating the World AIDS Day at the Large City Hall recently, AIDS activists and church-goers in Bulawayo marched around the city engaging in awareness campaign.

Speaking at the celebrations, Pastor Dumisani Sibanda urged everyone to know and disclose their HIV status.

“We should not discriminate those who are positive. The most important thing is that when you get tested, you should be able [to] disclose [your status],” Sibanda said as he presided over the candle-lighting ceremony which symbolises the importance of spreading the message of HIV.

“When we light a candle, it should give light to the people. Thus we should help others who are sceptical about disclosing their status to the community,” Sibanda said.

The celebrations were attended by various NGOs, men and women living with HIV and several care groups volunteers.

Statistics reveal that Zimbabwe since 2001 has had a sharp decline in HIV prevalence from 27.2% to 15 % in 2012. 

As the dark cloud of stigma and discrimination is slowly fading away from the Christian circles, churches in Bulawayo are practicing the love they preach through supporting HIV/AIDS victims.