A BUMPER crowd of more than 200 000 people, including foreign nationals is expected to attend Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Judgement Night 3 to be held on August 28 at the National Sports Stadium.

The one-day conference will run under the theme, Dealing with Enemies of Life.

Makandiwa, who is the founder of United Family International Church is renowned for his prophecies, miracles and healing sessions and he recently made it into the top 50 list of the richest people in Zimbabwe.

His spokesperson Prime Kufa yesterday said so far nationals from 27 countries had expressed their interest to attend the event, which they promised would be full of miraculous healing and interpretation of the word by Makandiwa.

Kufa even promised a higher level of anointing from Makandiwa compared to the level he exhibited last year which attracted approximately 180 000 people.

“Last year’s Judgement Night was only the second edition so it was fairly new, but now obviously more people know about it from the testimonies of others and their expectations are much higher,” Kufa said.

“The Bible says we move from one level of glory to another and a true anointing is not stagnant. The level in which Prophet Makandiwa was during the last Judgement Night, has obviously gone beyond that, and that is the reason why this is going to be different,” he said.

On Makandiwa’s critics, Kufa said it was important for the people to analyse his sermons before they criticised him because people had the tendency of making conclusions after hearing just one sermon.

“What happens with people is that they take one aspect of a whole sermon and interpret it the way they like. People should take time to analyse before they criticise. Others say he concentrates on healing, while some say he preaches the gospel of prosperity. It shows they have not analysed his sermons and they lack understanding.

“People just talk. Jesus performed miracles. He taught as much as he performed miracles. That underscores the importance of miracles.”

Asked why Makandiwa seemed to focus more on miracles and healing than on preaching, Kufa quickly came to his defence, saying Makandiwa was actually renowned for preaching better than many other prophets.

He also said it was normal for people to disagree on the interpretation of the Bible.

“I do not believe we should be fighting each other as Christians. It is normal to have divisions, but members of the body of Christ should not be attacking each other,” he said.

Many vehicles are moving around the capital advertising Makandiwa’s Judgement Night 3.