The Catechists Coordinator in the Archdiocese of Harare Sr. Demetria (LCBL) says it is important for Catholic youths to have an on-going formation process that will ensure they have more time to study and learn about their faith even after baptism and confirmation.

She was addressing a three day Youth Catechism course that was held at Rockwood Spiritual Centre from the 21- 23 August 2015.

She added that although the youth group is the most vulnerable to worldly pressures, adults also needed to go through the same process as this allowed them to enrich their spirituality the Catholic way.

Fr. Ncube (SVD) who facilitated the course which was themed, “understanding the Bible the Catholic way” highlighted that Catechism courses were benefiting many parishioners. He said many parishioners were just Catholics by birth but lacked knowledge of Catholicism. He added that having such seminars created a platform where the faithful dialogue, ask and understand questions relating to the Catholic faith.

The course was attended by several youths from various parishes in the Archdiocese of Harare. Topics covered included the origin of the bible, how to interpret the bible, the relationship between scripture and tradition, the Sabbath question, icons, symbols and statues in the church and many others