Midlands State University’s trip to the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) world cup finals in the United States hangs in the balance after the losing team, the Catholic University of Zimbabwe, challenged its disqualification. The SIFE finals are set for September 23 in Washington DC, USA.

Initially CUZ won the ticket to represent Zimbabwe at the world finals but an audit report produced by SIFE Worldwide disqualified the team. MSU was eventually crowned the winner and given the opportunity to represent the country.

The move did not go down well with CUZ who are now seeking a High Court order blocking the trip and nullification of the decision.

The CUZ team feels its disqualification was unfair and contrary to the rules of the competition.

It argues that on July 6 this year, SIFE Worldwide, which runs the programme, declared it the winner and MSU’s team was runner-up.

However, an audit was conducted by SIFE Worldwide from July 23 to 30 to verify CUZ’s report on its projects. Based on that audit, CUZ was disqualified and MSU was declared the national winner to represent the country in the finals.