Zimbabweans should cherish the new constitution because it recognizes the supremacy of the all mighty, a government official has said.

This was announced by the Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga in parliament when he was making the second reading of the just passed Constitution Bill.

Matinenga brought to rest assertions by some sections of the society and Zanu PF that the constitution was satanic.

In his address Matinenga assured the nation that the constitution values Christianity as opposed to some parties in the inclusive government were saying.

 “Religious groups have raised concern that the new constitution might provide for abortion, but there is no truth in that. There is also a misconception that the constitution provides for same-sex marriages. It (the draft constitution) is very specific and says people of the same sex are prohibited from marriage,” he told the house.

Various church denominations had vowed not to support the constitution if indeed it promotes guy rights.

At one point the crafting of the new constitution was stalled by Zanu PF after its spin doctors had said the document was promoting gay rights.

The party at that time accused the MDC of ‘smuggling’ gay rights in the constitution.

The Lancaster house constitution which is going to be replaced by the new constitution criminalizes homosexuality.

Zanu PF leader and the country’s President Robert Mugabe has on several occasions denounced homosexuality.

Mugabe has compared homosexuals to pigs and dogs. He has also said those that engage in such acts are insane declaring that “We cannot tolerate this; otherwise the dead will rise against us.”

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