According to Nehanda Radio, late musician Cephas Mashakada‘s group  The Muddy Face Band  staged a polished act on the day of his burial at his rural home Chitambo in Chinhoyi.

Led by Shemu Mashonganyika, popularly known as “Chibage”, the group played some of Mashakada’s hit songs like Samson, that made Mashakada a household name.

 “Chibage” proved that he is a natural replacement to Mashakada, with a voice that sounds exactly like that of the late bulky musician, while one member played the lead guitar in a way reminiscent to Mashakada’s strumming skills.

 “Chibage” said the following during Mashakada’s funeral wake at the latter’s Unit B home in Chitungwiza, “Yes, it is going to take us a long time for the pain to leave our hearts, but we will move on without him.”

  “Chibage” also said Mashakada’s widow Eunice would manage the group. “His wife will be our manager and we will definitely soldier on. He passed away at a time when we were in the process of compiling a new album. We are going to add a few songs and then record it.”