ZIMBABWEAN gospel music is currently going through a difficult dispensation that has left many gospel artistes in the doldrums.

From the prevalence of social media rendering music sales erratic to the fusion of the “holy sounds” with “earthly sounds” ; the industry is enduring a gruelling experience.

Yet what that has meant is the cheapening of the quality of the message that is carried in the music particularly with the advent of the gospel of prosperity where the message is all about success and not what God says.

But one artiste among a few, Daisy Chiguvare Mukariri, has kept on hitting hard on social commentary with the view of changing society’s behaviour on certain issues.

Her music has remained sober in a way and has not followed the wind to preach the gospel of prosperity.

“My music is straight forward. It is all about the life that we are living,” she said.

“I tackle issues from the usage of mobile phones that have been so grossly abused, infidelity that has broken marriages yet it is so respected in society.

“What I am saying is whatever you write and delete has a record later,” she said.

“Trustworthiness has died and the new school of Christianity is allowing this to happen.”

Chiguvare, 35 recently released her second album that carries nine tracks.

The album carries a decent directness in that has become rare in local gospel music that has been overtaken by fashion and fusions.
The album carries traks like Dziriko Mhandara, Chamboko chaJesu, Chikomana Delete, Dhimoni Rakasurrender, Tarangarirwa, Ndinyoreiwo Zita, Zvakasimudzwa naJesu, Kana Ndakutsika Konzi and Ropa Rakadeuka.

Studying towards the attainment of a degree in Business Administration, Chiguvare runs Angels Rock View, a preschool in Zengeza 3.

Daisy said she has diverted from her initial call to minister to the bereaved.

“I was driven by passion to minister to the bereaved and I released the album Mwari Vanoona in 2012. The album is all about reaching out and giving hope to the bereaved but I have had to divert a little so that I can first get the people to know about me so that in future in the time of need they can then engage me,” said Chiguvare.

She said people should be wary of false prophets whose word is laced more with doctrines other than the word of God.

“People have become so famous through prophesying but in heaven their names may not be there. Some sing gospel music but they do not live in Christian ways and they should correct that so that they can see the kingdom of heaven,” she said.