Musician Charles Chipanga has rolled out his second solo album titled Goodness in which he has collaborated with veteran gospel artiste Charles Charamba on the song NdezvaMwari.

“It was humbling that he agreed to contribute on this song that I wrote way back when I was in Form Two. I felt elevated and learnt a lot from Charamba in that experience and I am forever grateful to him for agreeing to write his own words and blending them with mine to produce the lyrical packed song,” said the Kadoma-bred artiste.

Chipanga believes his second project will propel him to dizzy heights in local showbiz.

“I wanted to make an album that appealed to my convictions with everything from what people term gospel but without staying put in the straitjacket of gospel music because I sing spiritual music not just gospel hence I am convinced the project will go a long way in promoting Charlenam music brand,” said Chipanga.

On the album Goodness, Chipanga exudes his outstanding talent on playing marimba — a traditional wooden musical instrument — and he proved to be a force to reckon with as far as marimba is concerned.

The rich tortilla of marimba and new world instruments into a jazzy affair is what makes the album appeal to a wider audience if it gets the adequate promotion.

Some of the plug songs on the album include Mututu, Mwari Chete, Tonamata, Mira Hako and NdezvaMwari among others.

Chipanga is married to Namatayi who was also part of  Mtukudzi’s band and together they formed Chalenam Rhythms outfit. The band released its debut album titled Prayer Expose in June 2011.