Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo of Ablaze International Ministries church in Chitungwiza (30 km south of Harare) has come under fire from members of his congregation for granting Zanu-PF permission to hold meetings at the church premises.

Nzvimbo is said to also harbour political ambitions.

It has also been learnt that he used church facilities and funds to host a braai party for the leading political party’s youth league, the developments that congregants say are contrary to their Christian values and church principles.

Nzvimbo confirmed that he allows Zanu-PF to hold their meetings at his church and that he threw a braai party for youths but defended his actions saying he would always allow the party whenever they ask for a venue to hold their meetings as they met conditions that he set for them which he refused to disclose.

Nzvimbo, however, said the youths he invited for the party were drunkards from nearby Unit D shops whom he wanted to lure to his church. He said there was nothing wrong in his church interacting with a political party that meets its “conditions” and drunkards as long as it makes them repent adding that his gesture to allow Zanu-PF to use church facilities did not make him a politician.

“For the record, I have no political ambitions. The party asked for a place to hold their meeting at the church and we gave them. I grew up in this area and most of the leaders were here when I got this place from council so I cannot deny them space. Besides I am reaching out to the people through any means.

Moreover the church is the only advocate between political parties to bring peace to communities. So our association with the party may serve to bring peace. I also get the opportunity to preach against violence and you shall notice how the party has matured in terms of their conduct thanks to the conditions we set for them. They were orderly at the last meeting and there was no toy-toying and no violence,” said Nzvimbo.