Oscar Rufaro Chatendeuka is an upcoming life coach, speaker and minister of the Word. His latest offering The Christian Walk “Exodus” contains word of wisdom drawn from a diverse range of life experiences.

This book basically deals with the journey from the land of bondage to the promised land.

It makes readers realise that life is a journey and there are so many obstacles that people encounter as they walk through this journey.

It points out again to many remedies and solutions as to deal with these obstacles.

The 166-page book deals with the transition from: darkness to light, poverty to prosperity and barrenness.

I found this book to be a wellspring of interesting ideas and gentle motivation to help me keep my Christian walk on the compass.

The striking part of the book is that it unravels how dominance of sin in the human race has hindered their prosperity.

The book reveals the simple things one can do in the journey from captivity to freedom.

Christians usually take shortcuts in the quest to accumulate wealth, and sometimes end up in trouble.

The Christian Walk “Exodus” is provided for that purpose.

Through the diligent study of the Word of God, one will receive favour from God.

The calibre of endorsement accompanying this book is also striking.

Some of the people who have thrown their work behind this book of inspiration include Evangelist Ephias Jengeta of Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe and founder of Remnant Ministries International Bishop Sammy Gitonga of South Africa.

The book is broken into six different chapters that address a broad range of life issues. The book is a must-have for any seeker of wisdom and inspiration.

The knowledge accrued here will come in handy for any person who desires to be successful in the Christian life.

Chatendueka is a University of South Africa Bachelor of Risk Management student. He is a young minister of the Word who has travelled to South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland on gospel-spreading missions.

The wide range of experience shows strongly in his book.

On the local scene, he has spoken at in different churches especially at youth gatherings and corporate functions. He also a social network sites addict where he preaches the inspirational messages.

Apart from this book, he is working on another book that deals with social ills like teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and drug abuse among youths.